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T & C Apply

If after following this advise you have any problems with lash loss in the first week, not caused by rubbing, pulling, touching or picking, then please contact the salon for the problem to be rectified immediately, any appointment must be kept in order for us to put right any problems as soon as possible, failure to come back as arranged could mean too much time has passed for us to rectify the problem due to the natural lash cycle, in which case when it becomes near the 2 week cycle an Infill charge will apply. If your Lashes have been picked, pulled. rubbed or touched excessively then the natural Lashes will be missing too, in which case nothing can be done to rectify this. No Refunds will be issued for lash loss as this can be easily rectified when we are given the chance.

Discount Vouchers, Prizes or Offers are not in conjunction with any other Offer or Discount apart from PrePaid Gift Vouchers which can be used with any Offer. All offers must be quoted when Booking an appointment.

Treatment times will be kept to wherever possible but occasionally times can run over if the Client requires extra work on things like Acrylic Nails, if there are breakages etc. where extra work is needed. An extra charge may be applied if the client has left too long between Infills and Backfills and extra work is needed.

N.B. I'm sorry i have to do this but due to appointments being in big demand, and many no shows, all appointments over 30 minuets will now require a £10 Booking Fee and £20 for Special Events or Pamper Days, the Booking Fee will be deducted from the treatment price on the day of your appointment. It would be helpful if you could arrive 5 minuets before your appointment time so the treatment can commence on time, if you are late, it could mean i wont have time to do your treatment before the next client is due, being late or failure to attend your appointment without 24 hours notice can result in non repayment of booking fee. Appointments can be changed with 24 hours notice, allowing time for the appointment to be refilled . Thanks for your understanding x

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